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Jaclyn has been teaching group fitness for 10 years. She started at MFC as just a member when Tony asked her if she would like to start instructing. She figured since she was at the gym for hours every week any way, she might as well get paid for it. 

"Exercise is not only a great way to maintain a strong and fit body, but for me, it helps my mind and mental wellness stay healthy as well. I try to exercise at least 5-6 times a week. My favorite type of exercise is weight lifting, and HIIT." Jaclyn is certified with AFAA basic fitness instructor, Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D., Schwinn Spin and High Fitness. "My certifications along with in house trainings have helped me become familiar with many types of fitness formats. I love to teach and help others find a passion for fitness. It’s a habit, that if done with consistency and discipline, will help us all go into the aging process with much more grace and strength." 



Esther has been working out in a gym setting since she was 13, and has played many sports through the years. She is currently attending Arizona State and plans to graduate within 2024 with a degree in Health Education and Promotion. Her goal is to attain a job in community public health. When it comes to teaching HIIT classes Esther says "I love to keep the energy up, even in the early morning. Gotta start the morning right! I try my best to give my classes a good balance of cardio and weights, while keeping it fun."


After being an active member of Monmouth Fitness and falling in love with fitness, Marilee began subbing Zumba at MFC in January of 2023. In May of 2023 Jaclyn approached Marilee and asked if she would be interested in training to take over a weekly Pump class. She found a passion for conditioning and weight training and went on to be in-house trained in Pilates, Spin, HIIT and several other formats of weight training group fitness classes. In January of 2024 she obtained her ACE Personal Trainer Certification to train members in addition to her regular group fitness classes. “As a mom of two young children fitness has become a huge priority and form of self-care. I feel my best when I work out and want to set a positive example for my kids. I want to help others achieve their goals and feel their best as well”. She is currently working towards her Women's Fitness Specialization Certification to best serve her female clients. 



I grew up and have lived in Monmouth most of my life. I can actually remember the day MFC was opened, my parents were members from day one and I spent a lot of time here as a kid, so much so that I actually asked for a membership to MFC for my 10th birthday and have been a member ever since.I started teaching group fitness in 2015 while I was at Oregon State University studying health promotion. My love for group fitness started way earlier than that. As a little girl I would love to come to the gym with my parents and take group fitness classes with my mom. I have taught pretty much every format except yoga! I have my personal training certification from NASM and group fitness certification from ACE. I also have specialized certifications from Les Mills Body Pump, Schwinn Cycling, and Surge Fitness.

For me fitness is such a part of my daily life I feel off if I don't get some sort of movement in. Its just as much about my mental wellness as it is my physical.

I have always loved group fitness so much. I love the community aspect of it and being able to lead others through a killer workout and see them walk about of that room better than they arrived feels like such an honor. I say it all the time but there really isnt a place I am happier or feel more myself than in that group fitness room.

I love many forms of exercise but my favorite class is spin and sculpt, both to teach and to take. The mash up of cardio and the strength training is top notch.

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