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Jaclyn has been teaching group fitness for 10 years. She started at MFC as just a member when Tony asked her if she would like to start instructing. She figured since she was at the gym for hours every week any way, she might as well get paid for it. 

"Exercise is not only a great way to maintain a strong and fit body, but for me, it helps my mind and mental wellness stay healthy as well. I try to exercise at least 5-6 times a week. My favorite type of exercise is weight lifting, and HIIT." Jaclyn is certified with AFAA basic fitness instructor, Zumba, R.I.P.P.E.D., Schwinn Spin and High Fitness. "My certifications along with in house trainings have helped me become familiar with many types of fitness formats. I love to teach and help others find a passion for fitness. It’s a habit, that if done with consistency and discipline, will help us all go into the aging process with much more grace and strength." 


Katie has been a group fitness instructor for 3 years, but is new to MFC. She got her degree in nursing, but also in exercise science. Her favorite format to teach is HIIT, but also is a sub for Spin classes. "Your body is capable of doing almost anything, it's your brain that you have to convince. What I love most about fitness is the small changes that make the biggest difference."


You'll find Tabatha instructing over in our HIIT House. She has been doing crossfit for 14 years to include various competitions. She has her level 1 trainer certification, and is a certified personal trainer coupled with being certified in basic health, wellness and nutrition. "My philosophy is simple and can be followed by anyone, literally anyone. Calories in calories out....and move, just move. I teach HIIT classes while incorporating various styles of crossfit movements. Anything from bodyweight movements to Olympic lifts with all  the adaptions needed so everyone can reap the benefits. Encouragement and support wins the day."

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